Social Initiative

  • The world is in a stage of continuous flux where terms like socio economic strata, nationalism, me and mine are being replaced by one country and one universe.  In the current environment of global warming, each one of us must contribute our tiny bit to help save our country and hence the universe.  We teach our students to be conscientious, proud Indian citizens by giving them hand on experience of community service.  They are taught to respect and care for their elders and those less fortunate than them.
  • Our students are encouraged to participate in:
    • Planting more trees
    • Keeping the surroundings clean
    • Pollution free environment
    • Each one teach one
    • Cracker free Diwali
    • Helping the needy in kind
  • Tanna English Medium School functions on the fundamental principle of grooming the minds of the future generations. With this profound responsibility, an educational institution thus becomes the epicentre of all social initiatives undertaken in order to sensitize students towards the underprivileged in society. Our school is engaged in a series of such ventures that involve the active participation of students thereby inculcating in them a sense of ethos and humane concern.
  1. Joy of Giving

The Joy of Giving is a “festival of philanthropy that aims to become a part of the Indian ethos by engaging people through          “acts of giving” – money, time, resources and skills. Students from school engage themselves for the underprivileged                    through following activities:

    • CANCER Awareness Program – Students collect fund from their locality for cancer patients and donate it to an authorized NGO. They are well guided by the NGO professionals for the same.
    • Donation to Blind Children Home – The blind children prepare Rakhi, candles and key chains and sell it in different schools. The students of the school will buy the things and support them.
    • Winter clothes distribution – in the month of December 1st week
  1. Awareness Rally and Programs:

The series of activity and programs are organized to make students aware of various national and global issues, good citizenship practices and other burning issues though various awareness rallies and programs such as

    • Save earth
    • Save water
    • Save the girl
    • De addiction (VyasanMukti)
    • Clean city